BISBY BOOK CLUB: Women's History Month

BISBY BOOK CLUB: Women's History Month

As a female owned and operated business, we want to take the time to celebrate Women's History Month - a month dedicated to celebrating and empowering girls! We have selected several powerful and inspiring stories for young girls that emphasize that girls can achieve anything they set their mind to!


1. Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls. 100 bedtime stories about the fierce and extraordinary ladies who have shaped history. Meet legends like Amelia Earhart, Frida Kahlo, Maya Angelou, and Ruth Bater Ginsburg. This inspiring book empowers girls to conquer the world with their unstoppable minds and teaches girls that the sky's the limit!

Great for Ages 6 and up


2. The Daring Book for Girls is the ultimate handbook, covering everything girls need to know! From uncovering the stories of remarkable women in history to exploring science experiments, crafting friendship bracelets, and perfecting double dutch, this book has it all. Yet, it's not just about fun activities at sleepovers—though that's certainly included! Whether girls see themselves as tomboys, girly-girls, or a bit of both, this book extends an invitation to adventure for every girl.

Great for Ages 9 and up


3. ABC What Can She Be? is an empowering picture book that takes young readers on an alphabetical journey through a world of career possibilities. This book features girl bosses in fields of science, technology, engineering, art, and more. From astronauts to doctors, architects to zookeepers, this book showcases a variety of careers and emphasizes that girls can achieve their dreams in any field. 

Ages 2 to 5


4. What are Little Girls Made of? This heartwarming picture books celebrates the wonderful and unique qualities that makes each little girl special. It has a humorous take on the age-old saying "sugar and spice and everything nice, that's what little girls are made of" and encourages the idea that girls can be anything they want to be. 

what are little girls made of book
Ages 7 - 10