Three DIY Flower Bouquets for Mother's Day

Three DIY Flower Bouquets for Mother's Day

Whether you are celebrating Mom, Grandma, or aunts this Mother’s Day, we know how important it is to make this day special! We’ve created three fun ways to DIY a flower bouquet that will last forever. So grab your crafting supplies and creative minds and let’s create something for Mom she’ll love this Mother’s Day. Make sure to always use parental supervision when crafting. 

For the ultimate Mother’s Day outfit for the #BISBYgirl, we love the Xie Xie Dress. This twirly, ditzy dress comes in Marigold Primrose and Blue Primrose. For a matching look for baby sis, we love the Betsy Bloomer in the same floral pattern as the Xie Xie Dress. These looks will make the #BISBYgirl feel ready to take on any day! 

Tassel/Pom Pom Flowers 


What You’ll Need:

  1. Green and assorted colors of yarn
  2. Green Pipe Cleaners
  3. Scissors
  4. Fork



  1. Place a pipe cleaner along one side of your fork.
  2. Wrap the fork and pipe cleaner with yarn. Be careful to keep the yarn area about 1 inch wide.
  3. Wrap the yarn 25-30 times around the fork. Twist pipe cleaner closed around yarn.
  4. Twist the pipe cleaner together around the end of the yarn.
  5. Remove flower from fork. Wrap the excess pipe cleaner down the stem until it is secure (you do not want to see it).
  6. Cut the loops of the yarn with scissors.
  7. Use a fork or metal tool to fray the yarn slightly.
  8. Fluff the top of your flower and trim any pieces that are too long.

Bubble Paint Hydrangea Flowers



What You’ll Need

  1. Blue, pink and purple acrylic paint
  2. Hand soap
  3. Straw
  4. Plastic tubberware container (about 2 inches deep)
  5. Watercolor paper
  6. Watercolors
  7. Thin tip sharpie
  8. Glue stick
  9. Scissors


  1. Mix 1 part paint with 1 part hand soap with 2-3 parts water
  2. Take the straw and blow paint into the bubble paint mixture
  3. When you get a clump of fat bubbles, take a piece of paper and gently press it onto the bubbles. The goal is to let the paper touch the bubbles, but not the mixed paint below.
  4. On a separate piece of water color paper, paint various shades of green leaves. Let dry and then cut out with scissors
  5. Glue them on around the bubble flowers and take the thin tip sharpie to draw on details of the leave’s veins
  6. Paint on stems with water color if you want to add more detail

Handprint Bouquet of Flowers


What you’ll Need

  1. Different colors of acrylic paint including green
  2. Colored sharpie (optional)
  3. Cardstock paper or 9x12 canvas
  4. Paper plate



  1. Spread a small amount of paint on paper plate so that it completely cover a hand print
  2. Place hand on paper plate and make sure paint covers entire hand
  3. Transfer hand to cardstock or canvas and leave a hand print in the middle on the canvas
  4. Have your siblings do the same on either side of your hand print
  5. Using the green paint, paint stems and leaves to your bouquet
  6. Paint a vase on your picture
  7. Using paint or a colored sharpie, write a sweet message on your picture to your mom


 We love to see your creations! Send in any and all pictures of your #BISIBYgirl doing Mother's Day crafts to for a chance to be featured on our Instagram!