Rainbow Paper Pumpkins

Rainbow Paper Pumpkins

This rainbow Halloween craft is perfect for the creative #BISBYgirl! With a little help from mom or dad this craft is rewarding and even makes for a beautiful tablescape. Whether your planning a Fall birthday, Halloween party, or just want to liven up your décor, these rainbow paper pumpkins are an easy yes.


What You’ll Need:

Colored Paper from Astrobrights Paper


22 Gauge Craft Wire

Hole Puncher

Wire Cutter

Paper Leaves Templates Here



  1. Cut your pieces of paper into strips. We used various thicknesses: 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch and 1-inch thick pieces that ranged in length from 6-inches to 11-inches.
  2. Punch holes in both ends of each strip of paper.
  3. Cut a piece of wire about 10-inches in length
  4. Take one strip of paper and thread the wire through the top hole, loop the end of the wire through the hole a second time to secure.
  5. Thread the remaining strips onto the open end of wire.


  1. Then thread the bottom of the strips onto the wire through the punched holes. Pull the wire through until you have the pumpkin at the height you want it.


  1. Take the tale of the wire and wrap it tightly around a pencil into a curly q–this will keep the pumpkin in place and won’t allow it to unravel.


  1. Spread out the strips to make a circular shape.


  1. Add a leaf to the top.



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