Make your own Flower Crowns with BISBY!

It's May Day! Which means it's time to celebrate Spring (even if we just celebrate at home).

To help make the day special for your little ones, we've created some printable flower crowns that you can make yourself.  All you need is a printer, scissors, scotch tape, and something to color with!  Just save the below photos, print them out on normal paper and follow the steps below!

Here are the steps:

1. Cut out the vine strips and tape them together so that they fit your little one (you may not need the third strip)

2. Color in the flowers

3. Cut out the flowers as carefully as you can

4. Tape the flowers to the vine strip.  We found that the crowns look best when you tape flowers over the seams between two strips of paper

5. Enjoy your new crown!

PS- if you didn't use the third strip in your crown, it makes a great bracelet


DIY Printable flower crown