DIY Primary Color Suncatcher

DIY Primary Color Suncatcher


Red, yellow, and blue. The primary colors can be used by themselves or mixed together to create a rainbow of every color out there! It’s hard to believe that every single color is made up of variations of just three colors. Whether you’re teaching your #BISBYgirl the primary colors or you just want a colorful craft to keep your girls busy, this DIY primary color sun catcher is the perfect project.


The Primary Floral Collection

At BISBY, we love our primary colors so much we even made a collection dedicated to them! Our Primary Floral Collection features red, yellow, and blue blooms and red corduroy pieces to match. Whether your girl prefers blouses and pants or dresses, you can find both in this collection. We even made a Primary Floral Bubble so little sister can match.


The Rosie Dress in Primary Floral is a BISBY favorite. This style has become a classic because of its popularity. Mixing and matching is one of our favorite things to do at BISBY and that’s exactly what’s so great about the Rosie Dress. The top of this dress features blue and white stripes and the skirt features the Primary Floral pattern.


The Porto Dress is another great option for the #BISBYgirl dress lover. This dress features the Primary Floral pattern all over, along with red ribbon and ruffle detail. We love this dress as a First Day of School outfit!


If your girl prefers pants to dresses, the Caroline Blouse in Primary Floral paired with the Twiggy Cords in Red is the way to go. The Caroline Blouse can be dressed up by pairing it with a flowy skirt and strapy sandals or you can dress it down with the Twiggy Cords or Twiggy Jeans in Ivory.


If you’re looking for a bubble for little sister, look no further than the Caroline Bubble in Primary Floral. This bubble features ¾ length sleeves and an adorable ruffle collar in the lovely blue, red, and yellow floral pattern. Try pairing it with our Betsy Bloomer in Red Corduroy for a complete look. 


What You’ll Need for the Primary Color Suncatcher

Red, yellow, and blue tissue paper

Wax Paper



Glue stick



1.Cut out two identical arched rainbow shapes in the wax paper that are about a foot long, set one aside and tape the other one down to a flat surface

2.Tear up pieces of the red, yellow, and blue tissue paper that are about 2-3 inches around

3. Starting at the top of your rainbow, glue down the red torn up pieces of tissue paper so it looks like a red stripe

4.Below the red stripe, glue the torn up pieces of yellow tissue paper creating another stripe. Make sure you have plenty of yellow pieces that overlap with red. That’s how you’ll be able to see the orange stripe

5. Below the yellow stripe, glue the torn up pieces of blue tissue paper creating a stripe. Make sure to overlap the blue tissue paper with the yellow as well.

6. Under the blue stripe, create one final red stripe and overlap the colors.

7.Take the other pieces of wax paper and lay it on top of your rainbow. Tape the sides and top and bottom together

8.Hang in the window and watch the sun create a rainbow out of the three colors!

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