DIY Daisy Mobile

DIY Daisy Mobile

This DIY daisy mobile is perfect for any aged #BISBYgirl. From adding a cute mobile above baby’s crib to adding a piece of decor to your tweens room, this daisy mobile is ideal for all girls. It’s especially an especially great accent piece for sisters who share a room! Because you can color the daisies any way you like, you can customize this craft project to fit any room style. You can even make an ombre daisy mobile for added flair! Always use parent supervision when crafting.



(daisy stencil)

BISBY’S Green Daisy and Light Blue Corduroy pieces are what inspired this art project! The Green Daisy and Light Blue Cord pieces can be found in a variety of styles. Whether your girl prefers dresses and skirts, or tops and cords, this collection has a little bit of everything.

The Charlotte Dress in Green Daisy is a classic choice for the #BISBYgirl. This BISBY style has shown to be a repeat favorite, season after season. The Charlotte Dress features lots of volume, which perfect for twirling and dancing. The Green Daisy print features a funky blue, green, and yellow floral pattern.

For a sister coordinating look, check out the Mccall Top in Green Daisy paired with the Twiggy Cords in Light Blue Corduroy. This look is a great for a Summer to Fall transitional outfit. The green and blues are true Fall hues but the Mccall top is lightweight and 100% cotton for warmer Fall days. 

If your girl prefers skirts and dresses and you still want a matching sister look, check out the Western Dress in Light Blue Corduroy or The Sally Skort in Light Blue Corduroy paired with the Mccall Top in Green Daisy. The Western Dress features button snaps down the front and ruffles at the chest and hem which makes it so fun to dress up or down. The Sally Skort is a BISBY tried and true favorite. With built in shorts, this skort is made for cartwheels and adventures!


What You Need:

Daisy Print Out

Colored Pencils or Markers

Hot Glue Gun

Embroidery Hoop






      1.Print out two pages of the daisy stencils and decorate both sides with               colored pencils or markers

      2. Cut out the daisies and set aside

      3.Cut four pieces of twine that are 12 inches, four pieces that are 9 inches,          and four pieces that are 8 inches.

      4.Using the hot glue gun, glue three daisies on each strand of 12 inch and 9        inch twine leaving two inches at the top to tie to the embroidery hoop

      5.Tie the 8 inch pieces of twine to the embroidery hoop (evenly spaced out)        and then on the opposite side of the twine, tie the pieces of twine together          to be able to hang the mobile

      6.Tie the twine with the daisies, in alternating lengths, to the embroidery              hoop


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