DIY Autumn Leaf Butterflies and Dragonflies

DIY Autumn Leaf Butterflies and Dragonflies

As temperatures drop outside, something exciting is just around the corner. The leaves will soon start changing colors! At BISBY, we look forward to the leaves changing every fall. The beautiful reds, yellow, and oranges are quite the sight to see!

This craft we’ve put together for the #BISBYgirl only involves glue, paper, and scissors. Leave the rest to nature! Besides collecting leaves that have turned a gorgeous fall hue, we recommend foraging a few small pine cones, twigs, and seed pods. They make great butterfly and dragonfly bodies and antennas. Use your imagination outside to gather all sorts of nature that could make up a butterfly, dragonfly, or any bug with wings!


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What You’ll Need:

Glue Stick




Mini or small pine cones



Seed Pods



  1. Select the leaves or seed pods you want as the wings and cut out the the desired wing shape
  2. Glue the wings on to the piece of paper
  3. In the middle of the wings glue the small pine cone, seed pod or twig on the piece of paper to make the body
  4. Then glue on whatever you selected as the antennas (we recommend stems of some sort)

We love to see how your #BISBYgirl dresses for fall! Send in your photos to for a chance to be featured on our instagram.