BISBY Holiday Gift Guides

BISBY Holiday Gift Guides

Take the guess work out of your holiday shopping this year. If you have a little girl in your life, leave it to BISBY to inspire you for the perfect gift. Whether she’s a pink princess or a blue lovin’ babe, we have all the dresses, jumpers, and tops that will make her smile ear to ear this holiday season.


Gift Guide for your Pink Princess



What little girl doesn’t love pink? That’s why we’ve put together a gift guide of all our favorite pink pieces. From our rose floral collection (great gift for sisters) to our pink quilted pieces. From simple to sophisticated, you are sure to find something for every girl’s style.


Gift Guide for your Blue Lovin’ Babe


Got the blues while try to pick out the perfect gift? Look no further! For all those girls who love blue, BISBY has so many different options for the ultimate present this holiday season. Some of our favorite prints include the Indigo Floral, the Blue Retro Floral, and the Spruce Woodland Floral.


Gift Guide for Purple Power


This holiday season, pick out a gift that’s just and whimsical and playful as your purple loving girl! We specifically love the Aspen pieces in Lilac Sparkle Stripe as well as Violet Longwood Floral pieces and Lilac Vines collection for the perfect purple gift. 



Green, green, and more green! BISBY took different shades of green this fall season to curate the most adorable and playful pieces for girls! From bright green to emerald, you'll be sure to find the perfect gift for your green goddess!