BISBY Book Club: Eight Enchanting Stories for Girls of All Ages

BISBY Book Club: Eight Enchanting Stories for Girls of All Ages

As summer comes to a close and the new school year begins, our BISBY team is thrilled to announce our new BISBY Book Club! Discover a fantastic array of Eight Enchanting Books that will capture the hearts of #BISBYgirls and moms alike. Enjoy the magic of reading with BISBY!


1. Fancy Nancy. Boas, tiaras, and fashion galore! Fancy Nancy is fabulously glamorous. This book celebrates the power of family and self-expression with pizzazz!

fancy NancyGreat for ages 4 to 8 years old


2. Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls. 100 bedtime stories about the fierce and extraordinary ladies who have shaped history. Meet legends like Amelia Earhart, Frida Kahlo, Maya Angelou, and Ruth Bater Ginsburg. This inspiring book empowers girls to conquer the world with their unstoppable minds and teaches girls that the sky's the limit!

Great for Ages 6 and up


3. Olivia. Olivia is a spirited pig with a vivid imagination. She dreams big and is easy to love. Watch as she becomes an acrobat, world-traveler, spy, and baton thrower, taking you along on an epic adventure!

Olivia the pigFor ages 2 to 8 years old  


4. I Had a Favorite Dress. An adorable tale about a fashion enthusiast who repurposes a meaningful garment that holds sentimental value! She modifies it in ways that encourage creativity, imagination, and adaptability to change.

For ages 3 to 10 years old


5. The Mercy Watson Chapter Books. A fantastic series about a spoiled pig who loves toast and butter! One may find her a relatable protagonist. 

Great read for ages 4 to 10 years old


6. Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse. An amusing tale about a fashionable mouse who fearlessly flaunts her Hollywood sunglasses and groovy violet handbag for school. Charming tale with a valuable moral lesson!

Lillys purple plastic purse
For all ages (especially ages 3 to 8)

7. Judy Moody Chapter Books. Judy Moody is a third-grader with an imaginative, larger-than-life personality. Join Judy on her wacky escapades at school and her hilarious interactions with family and friends. It's totally relatable and filled to the brim with valuable life lessons!

Judy moodyFor ages 6 to 10 years old 


8. Flora and the Flamingo. An unexpected friendship blossoms between a young diva and a graceful flamingo. Through funky dance routines, the two find a way to groove together despite their differences! Spinning, twisting, and even stumbling, these pals finally discover the art of dancing in perfect sync. Discover the whimsical world of friendship and the thrill of finding common ground with this endearing picture book!

flora and the flamingoFor Ages 1 to 5 years old